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Square Bathroom Sinks Ideas

Square Bathroom Sinks – If you have a quirky design sense and dare to be a little different you might want to consider the addition of a square sink to your next bathroom renovation. There are all sorts of cool and funky styles to choose from. It is just a question of how wild your inner wild child truly is.
One really fabulous square bathroom sinks style looks like it has been carve out of piece of semi-precious gemstone rock. The outside edges are hard and rugged, while the square shaped bowl inside is smooth to touch and absolutely gorgeous. This square sink is more costly than a traditional sink but it is well worth the investment. If for no other reason than to turn your friends green with envy every time that they see it.
Another really unusual square bathroom sinks is the style. That features an outer square of green glass with bowl portion being rounded and cut directly into the square shape. The contrast of geometric shapes is quite stunning. Especially when the contrast is made even more prominent by the use of colored glass. For a really unique one you can opt for a marble top mount option. This style sits atop a bathroom counter. And can utilized with either wall mount faucets or faucets mounted into the countertop. The marble is cool to the touch and the look is definitely one of designer elegance.
You can find square bathroom sinks with holes cut in the top portion to allow the installation of plumbing fixtures. It comes down to a matter of taste and preference for style as to which option you choose. Some homeowners prefer the look of separately mounted hardware. While others like the seamless design of hardware that is mount directly inside the sink fixture itself.
You can even find square bathroom sinks that look like they are made out of wood. The grain of the wood runs the length of the vessel and is very appealing to the eye. This style of vessel would look stunning in a more masculine washroom. Prepare though, as your favorite fellow may never let you use “his” bathroom again. With so many unusual styles to choose from, it is worth taking a little time to investigate the possibility of using a square bathroom sinks. There are lots of different styles and materials to choose from, many which you are likely to find very appealing.

Square Bathroom Sinks

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