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October 10, 2020 POND

Types of Artificial Pond Aerator

If in a pond or other artificial reservoir oxygen, then there is good water quality and good well-being for the inhabitants. Water is enriched with oxygen using a unit called the “air reservoir”. For a pond of any size, it is the only way to create favorable conditions for the existence of underwater and flood flora and fauna without the use of chemicals. The use of these pond aerator devices ensures the necessary oxygen content in water. Also reduction of the bottom sediments, regulation of the development rate of microalgae.

Arm Pond Supplies

Arm Pond Supplies

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Surfaces; has the most widespread, large number of models with different power and performance. A surface watering spray sprays water over the surface. At the same time, falling water streams are enriched with oxygen from the air, which effectively increases the content of the contents. This type of pond fountains allows you to quickly increase the oxygen level in a pond at low energy costs. The only downside is the increased noise from the work.

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Injection air tanks have a different operating principle: they suck air, mix it with a stream of water. The efficiency is slightly lower (high energy costs), but the noise level is much smaller. While for bottom aerator is a recent development of American researchers. With low energy costs, this pond pumps ventilator can not only increase the oxygen level on the surface of the water, but also throughout the thickness. Due to the active mixture of water, thrush is eliminated, the temperature of various layers is leveled, and ice formation is prevented during the cold season.

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