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Expensive Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gift basket ideas at a difficult tray fundraiser, prices are placed around a room, each with a container next to it. People buy tickets and place as many as they want in the containers awarded awards they want the most. The key to a successful trick tray fundraiser is to give good profits and tricky gift bins that will encourage ticket sales. Chocolate basket Target one of the housewarming gift basket ideas for all chocolate lovers in attendance. Fill a basket with as many chocolate items as possible, from chocolate-dipped cookies and biscotti to gourmet chocolate and hot chocolate mixes. Make sure ticket buyers can see all items in the basket and provide a table of contents to further attract people. Movie Night Basket Design a basket for movie aficionados. Include lots of popcorn and classic movie candy. Use a giant popcorn tub to hold the items. To appeal to larger groups of people, do not contain any special films in the package. Instead, a gift card includes a movie rental store or any store that sells DVDs. Fill a basket with all items suitable for a particular regional food or dish. For example, make a Spanish tapas or Italian antipasto basket. Include marinated olives, peppers and artichoke hearts, cheeses and meats. Or choose a recipe like lasagna, and place all the parts needed to make the recipe in the basket.

Expensive Housewarming Gifts

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