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Specifications of the RPE Pond Liner

September 4, 2020 LINER

Waterproofing Ideas with Blue Pond Liner

Blue Pond Liner – Ponds are a great way to landscape your property, as they provide the diversity of a garden or lawn. They can provide entertainment if full of fish or they can be a quiet place to sit and enjoy the surroundings that you have created. Ponds need to be waterproofed and lined before they can be filled with water, fish and plant species. Waterproofing, it will be necessary for you to seal your concrete pond with a sealant, add a lower liner and then a liner to ensure that the pond is completely water resistant. There are great options available for these different product categories. Often, a company will produce a complete line of waterproofing materials.

USA Pond Products

USA Pond Products

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If you choose you can add an underlying coating on the sealer, add an additional layer of waterproofing guarantee. The basecoat coating helps the coating resist punctures from any decomposition of the pond makeup base. Burlap coatings are available from a number of retailers that sell pond liners and other pond supplies.

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Pond liners are usually made of tough, thick PVC material made to withstand the sun’s UV rays. They come in black, blue or gray and are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit different size ponds, but can be customized by reducing them to fit into the ponds in a strange way. Some of them come with a one year warranty, but usually, have to be replaced after two or three years of direct sunlight.

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